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In Utopia, Thomas More gives us a travellers account of a newly discovered island where the inhabitants enjoy a social order based on natural reason and justice, and human fulfilment is open to all. As the traveller, Raphael, describes the island to More, a bitter contrast is drawn between this rational society and the custom-driven practices of Europe. So how can the philosopher try to reform his society? In his fictional discussion, More takes up a question first raised by Plato and which is still a challenge in the contemporary world. In the history of political thought few works have been more influential than Utopia, and few more misunderstood.ISBN: 9780241382684Kod paskowy: 9780241382684Autorzy: More ThomasRok wydania: 2020Kod wydawcy: 30684Liczba stron: 256Oprawa: TwardaPKWiU: 58.11.1Format: 11.0×18.0cmGłębokość (mm): 26Waga: 0.25Języki: angielskiGrupa towarowa: Książka

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