Clinical and laboratory diagnostics of diseases in



This approach to the subject distinguishes the book from a number of „generic” studies and translations of foreign books on the subject appearing on the book market. It is written in a nice and communicative language and can be recommended as a binding textbook for veterinary students, as it meets not only all program assumptions but also the demands to expand knowledge within the students self-study and work. The assessed work was well thought out in terms of content, design and form. It is a mature interdisciplinary study resulting from the teams many years of experience and the multi-generational scientific heritage of the „Wroclaw School of Veterinary Diagnostics”. In my opin-ion, without doubt, this comprehensive textbook, fully useful also for the practitioner physician, finds many readers and should be in every veterinary library.Jest to tłumaczenie z oryginalnej pozycji „Badania kliniczne i laboratoryjne w diagnostyce chorób zwierząt”Autor: Józef NicpońFormat: 16.5×23.5cmObjętość: 256Oprawa: MiękkaRok wydania: 2019Wydawca: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Przyrodniczego we Wrocławiu

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